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richard guerry

Author, Presenter, Executive Director - Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication

Richard Guerry is the founder of the non-profit organization the Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (IROC2). Throughout the 1990's, Richard worked as an executive in the information technology field. During his tenure, he encountered the darkest areas of the Internet and discovered countless individuals unknowingly being manipulated and schemed, and their content being stolen and exploited. In 2009, Richard left corporate America , and applied his vast experience and knowledge of digital safety to serve as the Executive Director of

Richard now speaks to students, educators, parents, child advocates, and law enforcement personnel across the country on the importance of maintaining a digital consciousness to prevent and avoid any current – and future – digital issue. In 2010 his program received the School Safety Advocacy Council’s “Exemplary School Safety Program” Award. Over the past two years, Richard has spoken to over 450 audiences across the United States ranging from avid to novice digital users, providing his audiences with an entertaining and eye-opening live event that offers a solution-oriented concept of how to avoid any self-inflicted digital problem, which is critical to anyone that uses a digital device.

Richard is also the author of Public and Permanent as well as Cyman Learns Cyber Smarts and Dangers and has been a featured speaker at many national conferences and conventions, including the National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention, the Internationally Bullying Prevention Association, and the National Symposium on Child Abuse. He has also appeared as a digital safety advocate on CNN and MTV’s Thin Line Campaign, as well as in Parade Magazine and in local, regional, and international publications.