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Developmental Resources

Developmental Resources

Our Mission: Developmental Resources, a division of AccuTrain Corp. is committed to providing outstanding research-based training, professional development events and resources to help PK-12 schools achieve academic excellence while addressing the unique psychological, emotional and safety needs of both students and staff members.

Intensive multi-day conferences – such as the Girl Bullying and Empowerment Conference, the School Discipline Conference, the Wired Differently Conference, the Counseling Strategies and Resources Conference, the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference, the NextGen School Safety Conference, the At-Risk & Stuggling Students Conference, the School Climate & Culture Conference and the Boy Brains & Engagement Conference – offer attendees an opportunity to benefit from the perspectives of both internationally recognized experts and innovative practitioners.

One-day seminars – such as Mean Girls (Girl Bullying), Wired Differently,Difficult StudentsSelf-Regulation and Critical Mental Health Challenges -- provide a more concentrated venue where educators can gain knowledge and practical ideas from an insightful presenter with expertise in the field.

Live and recorded 90-minute webinars enable attendees to access – from their own desktop or workplace – live, how-to training from specialists on a variety of topics ranging from difficult students to creative counseling techniques to school discipline to school safety to bullying. 

About This Conference

Relational Aggression (RA), in particular girl bullying, is being recognized by educators, mental health workers, and professionals who work with and/or conduct research with young people, as a major, growing concern. The effects of this and other kinds of bullying on children and adolescents can result in low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, violence and difficulties in personally relating with other people.

Girls who bully others are in need of insightful interventions that will help them learn other, more appropriate ways to become empowered. Without such help, these girls are likely to continue to be cruel and disruptive, and may eventually develop even more severe problems. These girls, as well as the victims and bystanders of RA, need to learn appropriate ways of conflict resolution, empathy, assertiveness & other personal/social effectiveness insights and skills. We support personal strength-based approaches to helping girls, as well as boys.

This conference will provide attendees with research findings, insights, practical strategies, programs and resources related to bullying with a primary focus on relational aggression in girls. We do not endorse merely one particular program or approach to address RA. Instead, we actively seek programs that, together, will offer conference attendees a wide-variety of best-practices, research findings, and practical resources of the highest quality.